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Global Networking in Hong Kong

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Daisy at the Great Wall of China

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Hong Kong through McCombs’ Short-Term Supply Chain Management program. The experience of living abroad in a country completely different from my own was surreal, and only in my dreams did I think I would be able to have such an amazing experience. Through my six weeks abroad not only was I able to learn about a new culture, myself, and my major, I was also able to network with many professionals from around the world. Read More

Hong Bui, Yale University

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Subiendo Connection: 2013 Subiendo Participant

High School & Hometown: John B. Connally High School,  Austin, Tx

University: Yale University

Major(s): May 2018, Undeclared

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I’ve Received My Refund Check. Now What?

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mini graduation cap on rolled up cash
mini graduation cap on rolled up cash

The beginning of a college semester can be a very exciting time. Whether it’s first class-day jitters, new roommates, or renewed goals and ambitions, there always seems to be plenty to look forward to before the semester truly kicks off. However, for many students this timeframe also means new financial aid agreements, tuition bills, and of course the infamous “refund check.” After all of your tuition and fee bills have been paid, usually universities will send you the leftover funds from your financial aid agreement in one sum. Depending on your situation, this amount can be a mix of scholarships, grants and/or loans. Here are a few ways to approach this situation as a smart, prepared college student. Read More

Living Without Boundaries: Fundraising for Children’s Disabilities

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Shalom 2Perseverance is the most accurate word to describe the mission and success story of Shalom Hernandez. Since birth, she has suffered from a physical disability called Arthrogryposis which has interfered with the proper function of her lower body and legs. After experiencing her first year of independence in college, she is now using her story to help children with physical disabilities at Borderless Giving Fund in Juarez, Mexico. Read More

Relationship Building at Discover Ernst and Young Conference

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Paulina LermaOne key to success in college is joining the right organizations. Being a part of a community on campus can help to fulfill both your professional and philanthropic needs while providing opportunities for networking. One community I’ve become involved in is ALPFA, Association of Latino Professionals for America, and organization that seeks to empower and develop Latinos into leaders for all sectors in the U.S. or global market. Read More

Felix Rodriguez, University of Texas at Austin

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Felix RodriguezSubiendo Connection: 2014 Subiendo Team Leader

High School & Hometown: Valle Verde Early College High School, El Paso TX

University: University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2015

Major: Corporate Communications  Read More

Keandra Carroll, Texas Southern University

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Keandra CarrollSubiendo Connection: 2013 Subiendo Participant

High School & Hometown: Texas Liberty-Eylau High School, Texarkana TX

University: Texas Southern University, Fall 2018

Major: Pre-Pharmacy Read More